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We would like to get to know you really well. We would like to know what brings you to these lovely 7,107 islands and what keeps you here. We would like to unRaju Mandhyan with Jack Canfieldderstand and learn from our differences and we'd like to know what can be done so that wherever we are, we all get the best of both worlds.
Please come share your stories and your successes and lets celebrate diversity like it should be celebrated.

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Episode 102311 with Jeffrey Uthoff of Teledevelopment and Keith Jones of the NCO Group on The Future of the BPO Industry in the Philippines
Episode 101611 with Daniel Otero, Ambassador of Argentina to the Philippines
Episode 100911 with Fred Davis on Hope through Reading
Episode 100211 with Francis Estrada on
Corporate Governance & ASEAN Integration

Episode 092411 with Alcides Prates, Ambassador of Brazil to the Philippines
Episode 091811 with Keith Jones and Dina Loomis on OutSourcing & Consulting
Episode 091111 with Larry Farrel on The New Entrepreneurial Age
Episode 090411 with Master Del Pe on Life Balance

Episode 083011 with  Andrea Iffland and Mohan Phadke on Success and Failure
Episode 082311 with Donald Lim and Anton Diaz on Branding and Marketing
Epsiode 081411 with Ms. Padma Siap and Mr. Terry Hockenhull on Service Excellence in the 21st Century
Episode 080711 with Ms. Michelle Washington and Ms. Mari Moya of MMQ Theatre on Le Cabaret

Episode 073111 with H.E Mohsin Razi, Ambassador, Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the Philippines
Epsiode 072411 due to SONA of PNoy, re-run episode of Peter Senge 
Episode 071711 with His Excellency Dato Seri Dr. Ibrahim Saad, Ambassador of Malaysia
Episode 071011 with Sarah McCleod on Working Your Strengths
070211 with Holly Angel Paraiso, The Harpist and Lisa Kircher Lumbao on Rivers and Melodies

Episode 060411 with Yachiko Nakamura of UniQuease and Hiroto Mitsugi of JICA on Philippines Japan Relationships
Episode 061111 with Judge Monette Singh of Regional Trial Court,Q.C. and Penny Bongato of BPAP on Purpose Driven Filipinas
Episode 061811 with His Excellency Roberto Mayorga of Chile, Ambassador to the Philippines on Chilean Charm
Episode 062511 with Coach Matt Cullen of Philippine Rugby Football Union on Rules and Rewards of Rugby

Episode 051511 with Arup Maity & Juanita Naidoo on Innovations in Technology & Education
Episode 050811 with Joel Trinidad on Improv to Innovate
Episode 052111 with James Thornton and Brian Darzinski on Regenerative Medicines
Episode 052811 with Roger Simons and Pankaj Shah on Alternative Stress Management

Episode  040311 with Paul & Ann Van Wijgerden of Young Focus Philippines 
Episode 041711 with Francis Kong of Business Matters
on Inspiring Excellence  
Episode 042411 with Peter Senge on The Necessary Revolution and The Fifth Discipline
Episode 043111 with Ann Wizer of the Invisible Sisters

Episode 030611 with John Daniel Casey of Australian New Zealand Chamber of Commerce
Episode 032011 with Annete Helbig and Clang Garcia,  on Women of Power

Episode 032711 with Colin Smith and James Stratton of 
Manila Boat Club on Rowing to Success

Episode 020611 with Markus Dietrich, Germany on the Future of Entrepreneurship
Episode 021311 with Kate Piggot and Samuel Piggot of the USA on Romancing across Cultures
Episode 022011 with Hamilton McLeod of South Africa  on  Sales and Leadership 
Episode 022711 with 
Vernie Atienzaa of Philippines Retirement Authority & Scott Dowd of Price Waterhouse

Episode 010811 with Joe Riley on Filiono Now and the Children of Philippines
Episode 014111 with Keith Perrin of the British Chamber of Commerce on Energy & Malampaya
Episode 012111 with Indian Ambassador Yogendra Kumar on India 2020

 “It is not the quantity of the meat, but the cheerfulness of the guests, which makes the feast”   Edward Hyde

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Episode 071110 with Robert Gregory Forbes from Canada
Episode 071810 with Irishman, Brian C. Lane
Episode 072510 with Elizabeth Hoban of the USA

with Sukhuman Phanachet  of Asian Development Bank & Sasithara Moreno of Thailand
Episode 080810 with Stewart de Boer of the Netherlands
Episode 081510 with Ramesh Dargani, President of the Indian Chamber
Episode 082210 with Anthony Thor, successful French businessperson.
Episode 082910 with American, Julia Holz of InTouch Foundation & FIlipina-Italian, Gina Squillantini Mapua of Toastmasters

090510 with Esteban Vorbeck of Ecuador representing Energizer Ltd.,

Episode 100310 with Brad Geiser, The Social Network Expert from the USA
Episode 101010 with Jack Canfield from USA of the Law of Attraction and The Secret
Epsiode 101710 with Sanjeev Vohra of India representing Citibank, Asia
Episode 102410 with Johannes Bley of Germany with Balikbayan Author, Nyx Martinez of Mabuhay, Philippines Airlines & Balikbayan Artist Rina Tiangco
Episode 103110 with Eddy Chai, Direct Marketing Guru of Taiwan

Episode 110710 with Richard Mills representing Asian CEO Awards
Episode 111410 with Maria Quindimill of Argentina representing Merck Sharpe & Dohme& Dean Rose Fuentes of Appreciative Inquiry, Philippines
Episode 112110 with Paul G. Holmes from England
Episode 112110 with Art Park from Korea representing OCCI
Episode 112810 with Noel k. Tan of Singapore on Appreciative Inquiry and Ms. Reese Fernandez of Rags to Riches

Episode 120511 with Margaritha Gloor on Circle of Friends 
Episode 121211 with Bjorn Martinoff on Executive Coaching
Episode 121911 with Camilla Brooks on CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility